Phobia or Fear Restricting Your Life?

flying phobia london No matter what fear or phobia you have, and there are more than a thousand of them, you don’t need anyone to tell you how restrictive they can be.

You may have tried facing up to them in the past, but unless you were successful you probably now have a strategy of avoidance. This in effect means that you will do anything to avoid being confronted by the thing, event or situation that the phobia is associated with.

Conscious intervention doesn’t always work.

You know logically that your fear is out of proportion. You know intellectually that what you fear will probably never happen but it does not stop the feeling of panic coming about. You can feel anxious, nervous, your heart feels like its beating faster, you may feel hot and even break out in a sweat… and all you want to do is run away. Logic does not help you because this behaviour, this reaction is outside of your conscious control mind, and is considered to come from your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis in Derbyshire helps Phobias or Fears

Steven Harold at hypnosis in Derbyshire can help to stop that old behaviour and associated reaction. Hypnosis and other brief therapy processes along with your own efforts can help you to be different in those same situations. If you lose that old fear then you no longer have to feel anxious or use the avoidance strategy. Your life becomes free of that old restriction. It’s like finding a new lease of life!

Hypnotherapy for Phobias

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