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Actors Performance Anxiety Help

No matter who you are and how many times you have done something successfully, there may come a time when you suddenly feel anxious and nervous. You know you should feel confident but for some reason you have lost your confidence. You start questioning your ability and imagining the things that can go wrong which makes you more anxious. You may have developed doubts and nerves about your acting ability or even your ability to remember your lines.

Acting Nerves, Doubts and Anxieties

You may be an experienced actor or are just starting to get your first roles thhrough. Whether you are polaying lead roles or other parts in theatre, film, television, being anxious or nervous about your performance can have a negative impact on your ability to convey and convince the character you are playing.

Auditions, Rehearsals Anxiety and Nerves

Do you find yourself putting effort and time into securing an audition only then to be plagued by auditioning nerves and worry. Do you doubt yourself and then find that your audition performance is not as good as you know it can be? Maybe you have had a bad audition where your nervousness ruined your performance and now you believe every audition will be the same.

Errors and Criticism

Occasionally there is a clear reason for self-doubt. Maybe a past event or experience has happened that has played on your mind. You may have received criticism in the past that hurt or upset you. You may have given a performance below your best which has stuck in your mind. You may dread or fear giving another poor performance or worry about being harshly crticised again and because of this you feel nervous.

Loss of Confidence

Now you may have lost confidence and self-belief. You may question your acting ability and might even be turning down offers because of your fears.

Regain Your Confidence and Poise

Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire is available to help you release those fears and anxieties and to regain you confidence. You can begin to be excited again by your acting offers and opportunities rather than scared of them. Your acting prowess and range can improve with hypnosis and take your abilities to a new level.

Free Consultation

Steven Harold, the Derbyshire hypnotherapist has helped many actors just like you to let go of their fears and regain their belief and strong self confidence. Being based in Derbyshire he has helped many actors and actresses from the well-known Derbyshire based theatre companies, opera, musicals as well as leading men and women or supporting cast actors.

You can take advantage of a free initial consultation, without obligation, and find out more about how hypnotherapy helps any kind of performance anxiety.