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Public Speaking Fear or Anxiety?

public speaking help london Many people have a fear or dread of public speaking or any form of speaking in front of other people. In fact the most popular phobia in the US and the UK is of public speaking.

If you have a fear, dread or anxiety about public speaking to groups of any size than read on. As long as your are able to verbally communicate to one person with ease you have all that you need. You really can speak to groups of any size whether to do with your occupation or your social life.

Public Speaking Nerves, Anxiety, Fear or Phobia

You have probably tried avoidance as a tactic to get out of giving that talk or demonstration at work or even that wedding speech. Maybe you feigned illness and or made an excuse as to why you couldn’t or shouldn’t give that speech. Avoidance as you know now doesn’t help matters. In fact avoidance actually makes things worse.

More often than not, people remember some event from the past, sometimes from school days and sometimes from another time when they felt embarrassed or uneasy standing in front of others. This may have been increased by a teacher, fellow pupil, or work colleague saying something to make the situation even more challenging.

Speaking Confidently and Calmly

The great news is that you can speak with more confidence and feel calmer and more relaxed. Some people think they are having a heart attack when they speak because their heart beats so rapidly but now you can overcome this way of thinking that used to give you panic attacks, sweating palms and a wavering voice.

In fact you can even get to the stage quite quickly where you enjoy the attention and even start to volunteer to give talks and speeches. Incredibly this is all possible with the help of hypnotherapy.

Public Speaking Hypnosis

I have helped countless people who unnecessarily suffered with public speaking nerves. These people are range from “captains of industry” and highly successful in every other respect to those who are just starting out on their career. I have helped nervous bridegrooms and brides as well as best men give their speeches to with confidence and authority. You can join them.

End Panic Attacks, Voice, Trembling, Shaking Etc with Derbyshire Hypnosis

If you have suffered with panic attacks, heart palpitations, a shakey voice, dry mouth and an overhwelming urge to flee when giving a talk, demonstration, lecture or speech hypnotherapy can help you. Don’t let these nerves and anxieties stop you from not only getting that promotion but feeling comfortable when talking at meetings or anytime more than one person is present.


If you are ready to tackle your speaking nerves and anxiety as soon as possible feel free to telephone me, Steven Harold on 01773 436796 now !