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Claustrophobia Help London

fear of enclosed spaces Do you have a fear of enclosed spaces called “claustrophobia”? A phobia of enclosed spaces is a very common fear. Do you find yourself avoiding lifts and taking the stairs no matter how many floors you have to go up or down? If you do you may be claustrophobic.

Fear of Enclosed Spaces Hypnosis

You know that you have had this fear or phobia for too long and it is controlling your life. You may dread the thought of going on holiday and having to fly, or going to a meeting with colleagues and having to squeeze into a lift. For some people with claustrophobia even a walk-in cupboard or small bathroom can give them anxiety.

Others become anxious when needing to us the toilet on a plane or other public convenience if it is too small.If you need to have a medical assessment which includes going through an MRI scanner you may dread the need to keep still and remain calm when all you want to do is escape.

Claustrophobia Hypnosis Research

Patients for Magnetic Resonance Imaging need to be still for around 60 minutes in a confined space. This can induce anxiety in 1% to 10%. Hypnosis was used to help reduce anxiety and panic allowing the patients to complete their MRI scans successfully. – Paul J. Friday Ph.D & Wayne S. Kunal (1990)

Claustrophobia Hypnotherapy in London

It’s not true for everyone but many claustrophobic people can remember an experience that started the anxiety. Sometimes it can be as innocent as playing hide and seek in a cupboard as a child and accidentally locking yourself in.

An adult may have noticed the fear if they had a traumatic experience such as feeling ill on a tube train and not being able to get off. Having a turbulent flight or a car crash where they were trapped for some time may lead to this phobia.If these examples or any other experieces have led to claustrophobia, Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire helps you change your way of viewing those past events. In changing your veiw of these events and/or places you will change your reaction to being in a lift, on a plane or other enclosed space.

Hypnotherapy for Claustrophobia

I am Steven Harold , an experienced and professional hypnotherapist who has helped many people just like you to overcome claustrophobia.

If you have read this far then you are ready to end stop this claustrophobic reaction. Just click here to email me or telephone me on 01773 436796 now. You can then enjoy your life without having to worry about any enclosed spaces.