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Suffer from Low Self Esteem?

Low self esteem sabotaging your success ?

The reasons why someone suffers from low self esteem varies from person to person. It may be that your parents were too critical of you as a child (and even today as an adult), or a teacher embarrassed you in front of the class or a you made a mistake at work. It could be that anything you achieved was spoilt by family or supposed friends.

The crux of the matter is how you processed and perceived those past events. The same event will no effect at all on one person and yet for another may have been devastating. As a result some people feely unworthy and that they don’t deserve to be happy or successful. In fact self-sabotage may be a big back of low self esteem and a feeling being worthless.

Healthy Self Esteem

Once you accept that you can change and have every right to live a happy and fulfilling life full of successes, you are on your way to having healthy self esteem. Some people fear becoming egotistical or big-headed if they feel better about themselves. I can assure you that you will never suffer from that delusion. YOu can still care for other people and look after yourself too.

Low Self Esteem, Poor Self Confidence

If you have low self esteem this tends to lead to poor self confidence. Your lack of confidence means you stop stretching yourself and stay in a safge but maybe boring existance. Growth and confidence comes through taking up challenges. Courage has its own rewards.

Health Strong Self Esteem with Hypnotherapy

The hypnotherapist will sometimes use hypnotherapy and other brief techniques to explore past memories of events that may have led to your low self esteem. Viewing a past youthful event with through the eyes of an adult now may lead to a release of the anxiety associated with that event. Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire and learning self hypnosis can help boost your self esteem and change your life for the better from living life rather than just existing.

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