Living Authentically

We can all be manipulated and pressured into being someone who we are not. When we are first born we have to assess how the world either meets or rejects our needs. Based on this interaction and other communications as we grow up, we start to form a belief about ourselves and our value. Often that belief is negative and disabling.

Here are just some ideas of the result of a negative core belief:-
•Have you ever wondered why you are confident externally and yet on the inside you lack confidence?
•Do you feel your relationships undermine your self-worth or self value?
•Are you stuck in a job you hate and a career that waasn’t really your choice?
•Do you just feel unhappy with life?

A brief summary of EMSRP (Expressive Meta-Schematic Repatterning) is that it provides a set of steps that helps you get back in touch with the authentic you. That “real” or “true” you that was frozen back in time because you felt rejected by adults around you. EMSRP helps you dissolve the mask you hide behind and gives you the courage to be yourself.

If you want to explore all that you are and live in the fullness of the person you were meant to be, come along to the free initial consulation. You’ll find out more about EMSRP and also gain some insight just through taking this step. If you have any questions please contact Steven Harold at [email protected]