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Hypnosis Scripts and Screeds

The resources on this page are useful for student, newly qualified and experienced hypnotherapists. There are free scripts which you are welcome to use in your practice and pass around to your friends and colleagues. The only condition is that you keep the copyright information and contact information intact.

There are other resources for therapists available too and more are being added. Do check back from time to time.

Some hypnosis scripts are available as ebooks whilst some specialised hypnosis scripts are “one off” scripts for specific issues.

Hypnosis Script Subjects Issues and Problems Addressed

********** Psychological Issues **********


anger management hypnosis script
Anger Management Hypnosis Script

Anger Management Hypnosis Script

This hypnosis screed has been formulated created to ease the anger that leads to unhealthy responses from clients. It helps make the case that anger is a healthy emotion but how we respond to the feelings of anger that is the important issue and also the area for change.

By Steven Harold


Healing the Hurt of Miscarriage Hypnosis Script

grief after miscarriage hypnosis script
                   Grief After Miscarriage


This hypnosis script has been crafted to ease the hurt and possible guilt that is experienced when a woman has a miscarriage.

You may find that is also supportive for men too.

By Gavin Bowtell



Resolving Grief After Suicide Hypnosis Script

grief after suicide hypnosisWhen a loved one takes their own life, your client can be filled with guilt and regret. This hypnosis script has been created to ease the grief that comes from the suicide of a relative or friend.

You may find it supportive for natural deaths as well as the grief experienced when someone has taken their own life

By Gavin Bowtell



Releasing Shame Hypnosis Screed

release from shame hypnosis script
Release from Shame


So many clients can suffer from toxic or crippling shame. Shame can lead to self-sabotage and missing out on opportinuties. Low self esteem can result. The sufferer believes that they are wrong, broken or defective in someway. This debilitating negative belief can have a life-limiting impact on their career, relationship and envirnonmantal choices and decisions.

Authored by Steven Harold



********** Coronavirus (COVID-19) **********


coronavirus hypnosis script for anxiety worry stress
Coronavirus Hypnosis Script – anxiety, worry stress

Coronavirus Hypnosis Script

This hypnosis script has been created to help clients who have been experiencing excessive stress, anxiety or worry caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It helps to ease these anxieties and encourages relaxation.

By Steven Harold


********** Gender & Sexuality Issues **********


Self-Acceptance for Bisexuality hypnosis script
  Self-Acceptance for Bisexuality

Self-Acceptance for Bisexuality – Hypnosis Script This hypnosis script is aimed at anyone who knows they are bisexual but is having problems with acceptance and confidence about this. It is appropriate for both males and females.

Authored by Steven Harold


non-binary self acceptance confidence hypnosis script
Non-binary Self Acceptance

Acceptance for Non-Binary Identity – Hypnosis Script For anyone who is struggling with their gender identity of being Non-binary. This hypnosis script helps bring acceptance and confidence.

Authored by Steven Harold




Mothers Accept Gay Son Hypnosis Script
Mothers Acceptance of Gay Son

Accepting Your Gay Son for Mothers – Hypnosis Script A hypnosis script that uses the power of a mothers love from first giving birth to her son, to help her accept that her son is gay.

Authored by Gavin Bowtell





gay son acceptance for fathers hypnosis script
Gay Son Acceptance for Fathers

Accepting Your Gay Son for Fathers – Hypnosis Script A hypnosis script that uses the power of a fathers love for his son from birth, to help him accept that his son is gay.

Authored by Gavin Bowtell


********** Physical Issues **********


Phantom Limb Syndrome Hypnosis Screed
Phantom Limb Syndrome

Phantom Limb Syndrome Hypnosis Script A hypnosis screed aimed anyone who has lost a limb and suffers from Phantom Limb Pain Syndrome.

Authored by Gavin Bowtell


Stroke Recovery Healing – Hypnosis Script

stroke healing recovery hypnosis script
Stroke Healing Recovery

This stroke recovery screed is aimed at anyone who has suffered a stroke and lost some physical ability. This aim of this hypnotherapy script is to encourage relaxation and recover what is possible from this life-changing condition.

Authored by Steven Harold



Additional Information About Stroke Recovery Hypnosis Script The script is a blend of suggestion for reconnecting the brain to the part that doesn’t function as well as it did. It encourages the client to be proactive in their recovery during the hypnosis session. It incorporates the Eriksonian style of direct suggestion and power of metaphors.

Stroke Recovery 2 Hypnosis Script

stroke hypnosis script 02
This creative script utilises the metaphor of an old-fashioned telephone exchange and likens it to connections needed for the communication to succeed. This hypnosis script also boosts a sense of calmness and whilst introducing the idea of control back to the recovering stroke patient.

Authored by Gavin Bowtell

After Stroke Anxiety Hypnosis Script

stroke anxiety hypnosis script
After Stroke Anxiety Help


Anxiety and worry is a natural response to anyone who has to suffered from the life-changing event of a stroke. This assuring supportive script helps relieve a stroke patient’s anxiety levels.

Authored by Gavin Bowtell



********** Trauma Issues **********


Depersonalisation Hypnosis Script

depersonalisation depersonalization hypnosis script
Depersonalisation hypnosis Script


A hypnotherapy script for assisting your client who is suffering from Depersonalisation. It encourages re-association rather than the dissassociation they have been suffering with.

Authored by Steven Harold

Induction and Deepener Hypnosis Ebook Scripts


Handy Hypnosis Scripts Ebook By Anne Thornton Patterson
hypnosis scripts inductions deepenersAnne runs a busy practice in Kensington and also in Staffordshire. She specialises in OCD and in particular Trichotillomania. Anne has drawn on her experience of working will all types of people and issues to put together a powerful set of inductions and deepeners.

This ebook contains 30 plus pages of 12 Inductions and 9 Deepeners and has a value of £12.

What Other Hypnotherapists have said…

“I have been a full time therapist for 4 years now and I had a read through some of the scripts last night … they really are very good indeed. The ‘missing number’ script is absolutely bang on for an analytical/logical client and probably the best I have seen for this client type. Anne’s ‘pause button’ also stands out. Worth every penny.” Mark Reader – Crawley Hypnotherapist



Creative Hypnosis Scripts Ebook By Steven A. Harold

Steven runs a successful practice in East London. Already an author, Steven has developed many original ideas, phrases and suggestions from his many years in hypnotherapy practice.

Some of these effective and highly innovative inductions and deepeners that are here and will have you smiling and your clients entanced.


A prize winning script…

~ National Council for Hypnotherapy ~

“Spot the Missing Number” an induction script for analytical clients authored by Steven Harold and included in this ebook was a prize winner in the NCH hypnosis scripts competition !

This ebook contains 30 plus pages of 10 Inductions and 10 Deepeners plus 2 bonus Ego scripts and has a value of £12.

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hypnosis scripts inductions deepenersand

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Confidence and Ego booster Ebook Scripts


Confidence Scripts Ebook By Anne Thornton Patterson

Anne finds that she needs to create new ways of helping her clients to find the strength to believe in themselves. She has written these scripts based on her work and it particularly reflects the range of client types.

This ebook contains 30 plus pages of 15 Confidence Scripts and has a value of £12.



Super Confidence Ebook By Steven A. Harold

Steven sees a diverse range of clients and this is reflected in the types of ego boosting confidence suggestions he has found effective.

Many of his hypnosis scripts are based on helping the client to have a change of perception about themselves. From this change can come release from inhibited thinking and living and new sense of freedom.

This ebook contains 40 pages of Confidence Scripts and has a value of £12.

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Here’s your chance to grab both these ebooks. The scripts in each ebook are different styles

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About the Authors of the Hypnosis Scripts

Anne Thorton Paterson - Hypnotherapist Scripts Author Anne Thornton-Patterson Anne runs a busy practice in Kensington and also in Staffordshire. She specialises in OCD and in particular Trichotillomania. She has brought to her hypnosis scripts both directness and subtleties that bring an all encompassing approach to her hypnosis scripts.


Steve Harold Hypnotherapy ScriptsSteven Harold Steven ran a successful practice in East London for 20 years and has since relocated to Derbyshire. Already an author of “Marketing for Complimentary Therapists – 101” he is also a supervisor and trainer. Steven has developed original ideas, phrases and suggestions from his many years in hypnotherapy practice.


Gavin BowtellGavin Bowtell Hypnosis Scripts Gavin brings to the world of hypnotherapy and to his hypnosis scripts understandings and insights that has been gleaned from many areas including eastern and western philosophies, religions, his own life experience and other enlightened sources. His scripts are already in demand from other hypnotherapists who appreciate his way with words either through metaphor or directly.


Free Hypnosis Scripts

Click HereThis an ego strengthening script called “My Photo Album” and can be easily modified to help analysis.

Click Here – This an induction or deepener called “Essence of You” that can easily be modified for great healing work.

Click Here – This script provides an interesting adventure for your clients. It gives them a chance to experience themselves without the expectations and limitations of names, labels and titles. Try it and see what you think. Based on an idea by inspirational hypnotherapist Carole Murray, it’s called “Dropping the Labels”.

    Copyright © 2008 Steven A. Harold All rights reserved DISCLAIMER If you use any material either directly or downloaded from this site it is under the strict understanding that you must be a trained hypnotherapist and are accepting responsibility for its use.