be your authentic self hypnosis script
Be Your Authentic Self

Be Your Authentic Self – Hypnosis Script

This script is aimed at clients who struggle to be themselves. The philosophy is that, true happiness is only possible if you can be your true self. Many people have learnt to be what other people approve of and in doing so, lose their authentic selves.

Authored by Steven Harold





More Information about the Be Your Authentic Self Hypnosis Script

As we grow up from being a toddler to a child, youngster to a teenager and young adult into a more responsible and mature self, we may experience rejection of aspects of our character or behaviour. Because no one wants to be rejected we  learn to project a mask of acceptability and to hide the shamed self behind it.

It takes a lot of energy to keep the mask in place. Depending on the gap between the mask and the true self, this can lead to stress and anxiety about being exposed. Sometimes the true nature of a person pops out when they are relaxed or have consumed alcohol.

Many people will worry over what other people think of them. This scripts helps your client to accept that they have every right to be themselves.