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Help for Manxiety and Mangst

Anxiety and angst, worry and stress can be suffered by both men and women. Many aspects of anxiety can be the same for both sexes.

Manxiety is a type of anxiety than men may suffer with because of their perceptions of being a man. Manliness, maleness, machismo and other decriptions suggest that men should exude a certainty aura or behave in a sterotypical manner.

Manxiety can be caused by a perception, and the mental pressure that goes with that perception of how you ‘should be’ as a man. Sayings such as ‘men don’t cry’ can add to the unhealthy idea that outward expressions of emotions by men are not appropriate.

Suicide rates amongst 20 to 40 year olds is several times higher in men than women.

History, Genetics and Past Generations

Over thousands of years from Stone Age cavemen through to swashbuckling swordsmen, survival of the fittest, may have reinforced genetic coding in men.Traditional gender stereotypes dictated that men could not, and dare not, show any sign of what was perceived as weakness: they had to shut off their emotions and act tough.

Past generations may have served in armed conflicts and shown their resilience. Modern man may belittle his own trials and tribulations when he compares them to an older relative’s fight for life.

All of these experiences may add to the unfortunate perception that real men don’t admit to struggling with their problems, issues and challenges. Asking for help may also be seen as something that men just don’t do.

Seeking Help is a Strength

Contrary to past perceptions, accepting that you are struggling to cope and asking for help is a sign of strength. No one ever resolved anything by burying their head in the sand. Analysing your options, making a decision that something has to change and taking action is much more likely to resolve the problem. You can then get back to leading a happy and fulfiling life.

The Derbyshire Hypnotherapist Offers Help for Manxiety

You can take up the offer of a free, no-obligation initial consulation, to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you. Tackling manxiety quickly is essential for your mental and physical health. You are welcome to email me, Steven Harold, to find out more.