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Erection Problems?

psychosexual therapyAre you having problems getting or maintaining your erection? Although sex accounts for a small percentage of time in any healthy relationship, its importance to a relationship is much larger.

Problems in the bedroom can bring difficulties in other areas of the relationship and lead to unfaithfulness, secrecy and ultimately separation and divorce. Ignoring the problem rarely brings about a resolution.

The causes of psychological erection issues can be varied and you may recognise yours in the following list:-

  • You’ve lost an erection before and now always worry it will happen again
  • You’ve got unresolved resentment towards your partner and it effect on your love-making
  • You partner has been unfaithful and you worry how you measures up
  • You both want a child and feel pressure to perform when your wife/partner is at her most fertile
  • Love-making is just boring, unexciting and formulaic
  • You feel criticised in the bedroom and lose your erection
  • Your partner suggests that you don’t find them attractive anymore and you feel pressurised to prove otherwise
  • You’ve lost your job/business, and your self worth is low and feel a lack of sexual confidence
  • You’ve been single for a while and are anxious about being able to perform sexually with a new partner
  • Your new partner has had many more partners than you
  • You’ve used excessive and extreme pornography and now no one can get you as excited as your fantasies
  • You’ve masturbated too much and have lost sensitivity in your penis
  • Putting a condom on makes you lose your erectionAny of the above conditions and others can interfere with your ability to gain and maintain an erection. The harder you try, the more you are likely to fail. Going into the bedroom and focussing on not losing your erection has the opposite effect.

    The Mind Body Connection

    In order to resolve the issue it’s vital to understand the mind and body connection with regard to getting an erection. A man doesn’t get an erection just through the thought “I want to get an erection”. He has an erection by focussing his mind and his imagination on what he finds a sexual turn-on. In using the mind this way, the body reacts by providing an erection and as long as the mind stay focussed on sexually arousing thoughts, the erection is maintained.

    Losing Your Erection

    When you lost your erection, it may not have meant anything to you the first time. When you lost it again it probably started to play on you mind. In subsequent attempts at love-making you probably had your mind on the thoughts “I don’t want to lose my erection” or “I must keep my erection”.

    Unfortunately these thoughts are not thoughts that are sexually arousing. Then you start to worry and stress about the consequences of this to your relationship. Unfortunately stress and worry also have a detrimental affect on love-making and a vicious circle has begun.

    Regain Sexual Confidence with Hypnotherapy

    Steven Harold is an experienced hypnotherapist in Derbyshire and has helped many men, no matter what their sexuality, with erectile dysfunction, impotence and premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation to recover a satisfying sex life.

    He offers a free no-obligation consultation in confidence. You can be assured of your privacy and many men find talking about the issue to be therapeutic in itself knowing that they are not the only one to be experiencing this issue. During the consultation you can have all your questions answered and can agree a treatment plan with Steven if, and only if you choose to go ahead. The free consultation doesn’t place you under any obligation to go any further.

    If you want to know more just email or telephone Steven on 01773 436796