Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire Terms

hypnotherapy appointments londonThis website is for information purposes only and is designed to provide you with a better understanding of what hypnotherapy and hypnosis is and is not. Check the FAQs section for further information or feel free to email or telephone the hypnotherapist, Steven Harold , for more information.

Medical Conditions

Hypnotherapy is a not a replacement for orthodox medical treatments, medicines and therapies. It can be used as an additional form of support but not as a substitute. If you have any doubts about having hypnotherapy speak to your doctor or medical practitioner first.


The information on this website is provided in good faith. All eventualities can not be predicted though and so you should satisfy yourself that you have made the necessary checks that hypnotherapy is an appropriate therapy for your issue.

Already seeing another therapist?

Before booking any appointments for hypnotherapy, if you are already under the care of another therapist, psychologist, psychotherapist or any other form of psychological treatment, you are encouraged to talk with your current therapist first. They may or may not sanction your desire to use hypnotherapy, however, at least you will keep them informed of what you want to do.

Cancellation Policy

Please give 24 hours notice of any cancellation. This will allow the appointment time to be offered to someone else. If you give less than 24 hours notice the full fee may be charged to you although this will be at the descretion of Steven Harold and depending on the reason for the cancellation.