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LGBT+ Affirmative Friendly Therapists Training Course

Become a LGBT+ Affirmative Therapist

Training ecourse for LGBTQ+ Affirmative Friendly Therapy

Good Intentions are not enough

lgbt+ affirmative therapists training course 01The LGBT+ community like other minorities have suffered discrimination, trauma, abuse and rejection. Often rejection and abuse can be from friends and family. Some therapists (ie. hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists) believe they provide a therapy service without bias. Unfortunately subconscious bias or bigotry can surface and ruin the therapeutic relationship adding to the rejection your LGBT+ client has experienced many times. You may be surprised to know that even LGBT+ therapists can have their own bias that they might impose on their unsuspecting client. So whether you are a straight, gay, lesbian, transgender or other LGBT+ therapist it is essential to have the insight, understanding and reflective resources needed to help heal your LGBT+ client and not add to their scars.  

The LGBTQ+ Spectrum

lgbt friendly therapy course training 01Did you know there are 40+ terms for sexual and gender diversity. In fact some refer to the LGBTQ+ community and some additionally use other acronyms such as LGBTQIA+. Whilst you can’t be expected to know them all it is important to know and accept your LGBT+ client for who they are. The + (plus) sign refers to other acronyms. Whether lifestyle, a relationship role or lack of them, dress, pronouns, health status or social choices, acceptance is the biggest gift you can give to your LGBT+ client or patient. It is the essential element in your therapist/client relationship . Don’t kid yourself that with expressions such as “I treat everyone the same” or “I don’t have a problem with someone who is gay“. If you treat everyone the same when clearly everyone is not the same, than you are not providing equality. If you say you don’t have a problem, then clearly you do. Education is the answer to many conscious and unconscious forms of discrimination. Only through education can come understanding and hopefully acceptance rather than tolerance.  

An LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapist Training Course

lgbtq friendly therapy trainingThis ecourse has been constructed to give you the therapist confidence that you can provide a therapy space that encompasses diversity, inclusion and equality. These are basic human rights which cover race, religion, ability, social status, age. relationship status, gender, sex and sexual orientation. The ecourse includes the intersectionality of communities such as the challenges of some religions, culture and sexuality.



lgbt+ affirmative therapy course 02The contents of the ecourse are :-

  1. Growing up LGBT+
  2. Gay Male Focus
  3. Lesbian Focus
  4. Bisexual Focus
  5. Transgender Focus
  6. Typical LGBT+ issues
  7. Practical Approaches to helping your LGBT+ clients



lgbt affirmative therapist course training video boxPodcasts and video interview links are included to aid your insights. Listen to real life journeys as they describe the discrimination and bigotry they have experienced in their childhood, youth and still in adult-life today. Reflective questions encourage honesty in you, the therapist. These help you to pinpoint where you may have an issue. The ecourse then helps you overcome this.  



lgbt ecourse scripts box 01Practical Help

This section resources you with therapeutic tools to build your confidence. These tools include :-

  1. Hypnosis scripts – self acceptance, releasing t labels and more
  2. How to help establish Relationship Boundaries that boost self worth
  3. Inner Child work to heal past hurts


Together there are over 200 pages of insight, history, personal life stories, struggles and successes and how laws and rights have changed. Plus you are encouraged to use your existing skill set along with extra support through access to the authors’ protocols and processes.   Prominent LGBT+ rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has said of this ecourse ..

“This training course is for therapists who want to give their very best to LGBT+ clients. Going the extra step from LGBT-friendly to LGBT-affirmative makes all the difference.”

    Additionally there are :-

  • Crucial Do’s and Don’t’s of communication
  • Many myths are debunked
  • Tips on marketing your LGBT+ therapy practice
  • A Comprehensive Consultation form
  • How to evidence your LGBT+ affirmative credentials
  • Why it is vital to be LGBT+ Affirmative rather than LGBT+ friendly


Your LGBT+ Affirmative Therapist Certification

To gain your certification there is a short test paper. This helps cement your new knowledge and understanding of typical challenges of LGBT+ clients. this reinforces your confidence in this client niche. You will display your LGBT+ credentials with pride!  


Ready to become an LGBT+ Affirmative Therapist?

Within minutes you’ll be able to download :-

  1. The Course Material
  2. The Video and Podcast links
  3. The Practical Protocols and Processes
  4. The Consultation Form
  5. Marketing Guidance
  6. CPD is 7 hours

All contained in this ecourse of over 200 pages !

For a while take advantage a special introductory rate of £57