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Hypnosis is a state of being that is used in therapy and in particular in hypnoanalysis. Hypnoanalysis is used to get to the core or the root of current life problems. It is essential to do this otherwise the cause of a symptom remains intact and may lead to other symptoms or symptom substitution.

Hypnoanalysis is useful for almost any issue and is particularly helpful when someone is suffering from more than one issue. For example someone might have a phobia, lack self confidence, have social anxiety and over-eat. Although it may not be obvious these issues can all be interconnected. Equally hypnoanalysis can help any seemingly deep-seated psychological issue including all causes of anxietry, worry, fears, limiting beliefs and self sabotage.

Many of adult issues stem from childhood experiences. To a mature experienced adult an experience or event (eg. I didn’t like my birthday present) may seem trivial or untraumatic. However in the eyes of a child, whose understanding of the world is small and limited, that same seemingly trivial event can have a bigger impact. As that same child grows up they can bring with them into adulthood those unresolved emotions from childhood (eg. rejection, low self worth, not feeling good enough, constant doubts, needing to prove myself, needing to please others etc.)

Hypnoanalysis Derbyshire Sessions
Generally hypnoanalysis would be provied for around 10 sessions. However hypnoanalysis is considered to be a brief therapy especially when you compare it to psychoanalysis which may continue for years.

Hypnoanalysis Free Consultation
To help you decide whether hypnoanalysis is appropriate for you, contact the hypnoanalyst Steven Harold who will happy to answer your questions. You can also book a free initial hypnoanalysis consultation which is without any obligation and you can meet Steven and find out more. To email Steven click here