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Are You a New Hypnotherapist?

You may be one of many hypnotherapists who have recently qualified and received their hypnotherapy certification from one of hundreds of hypnotherapy training schools. But what do you do next?

new hypnotherapist help guide 01It’s lovely bask in the glow of being a new and excited hypnotherapist but what happens next? Most hypnosis training schools will have offered lessons on the practicalities of hypnotherapy practice. Many hypnotherapy associations provide excellent support for new hypnotherapists.

Ultimately though you are left to your own devices. The success of your hypnotherapy practice depends on you and the steps you take next. The good news is that you are not alone and the challenging news is that no one is going to do it all for you.


Steve Harold Hypnotherapy ScriptsWhen I (Steve), first became a hypnotherapist, my excitement was tempered by all the aspects of being practice that I needed to have in place. Like any beginner I felt I had to climb a steep learning curve.

I was also a bit slow in getting going and wish of course I knew what I know now. I guess that’s the benefit of hindsight … right?



Without support new hypnotherapists may :-

  • be confused or bewildered by what they need to do
  • may no know where to start
  • easily waste a lot of money through inexperience
  • feel lost, alone and isolated
  • may never ever start their practice because it looks so daunting

It’s a pity when a talented new hypnotherapist graduate is lost to the profession because their practice set-up gave them so much worry or anxiety that they never got going. New hypnotherapists are amazing because of their freshness and have a wonderful curiosity to see beyond historical norms and limitations. They… erm you, are the life blood of the profession. We need you!


What if you could…

  • have a successful hypnotherapist’s experience now
  • have a 30 day plan for success
  • avoid the pitfalls of early practice
  • know the pros and cons of early decisions
  • change your hypnotherapist fantasy into reality

Would knowing the above and much more increase your chances of success?


Your First 30 Days in Hypnotherapy Practice

Written by hypnotherapists Steven Harold and Anne Thornton-Patterson, this detailed step-by-step ebook helps you get off to a flying start. Why make the same mistakes that others have done. Learn what to do and what not to do to feel confident about your hypnotherapy practice. This easy to read reference manual for new hypnotherapists includes :-

How to…

  • new hypnotherapists ebook 01Avoid marketing that drains your money
  • Keep when meeting a new client
  • Be prepared for your therapy sessions
  • Get paid for your skills and expertise
  • Be aware of the tyre kickers
  • Know to say “no” to a client
  • Avoid hypnotherapist’s burnout

          and much much more !




Watch Anne and Steven talking on video about their experiences from their beginner days as  newbie hypnotherapists.


Anne talks about..

how the issue that Anne wanted to specialise in never worked out BUT how her specialisation picked her !





Steve discusses…

supervision and networking and looking after yourself. Avoiding burnout and reducing the isolation felt by hypnotherapists.




These videos are all included in this Starter kit for new hypnotherapists.



How to get your website further up the search engine rankings. Unless you have hired a website expert you need to know what you can do to help get your website noticed. Did you know that…

  • A website is not enough to get your clients
  • You are judged by potential clients in line with your Google ranking
  • Most people choose businesses on page 1 or 2 of Google 

Even without SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) knowledge there is a lot of small and easy steps you can take to start moving your website higher in the rankings and being found by more and more clients.

Google has the biggest search volume (68%) and if you do some SEO you will also benefit from better rankings in Bing (18%) and Yahoo (10%).

Google Ranking Secrets Revealed

This guide will help you understand more about Google and the ranking factors it uses to judge which position you will get. When you start to apply some of these ranking factors you will notice your website will start to rise up the ranking and get noticed by more clients.

google ranking secrets ebook This ebook includes :-

  •  What is Google Ranking and How to Earn it?
  • What is Link Juice and Page Ranking Points
  • How can I see my Page Rank?
  • How can I increase my Page Rank?
  • Case Studies
  • How to avoid losing your ranking

Don’t make the same mistakes as others. You will have an advantage over your therapist competitors with this step-by-step guide.




This Newbie Hypnotherapist Starter Kit includes :-new hypnotherapists ebook 01

1. First 30 days in Practice ebook
* Avoiding the pitfalls alone will save you £££s
* Getting it right first time boosts your confidence
* Includes Practice forms
* A chart for diarising and recording actions


2. Video of Anne Experiences (London Hypnotherapist)
* Using her previous career
* Helping a family member’s cancer battle



3. Video of Steven Experiences (Derbyshire Hypnotherapist)
* Fantasies and Realities of practice
* Generalisation versus Specialisation
* Not feeling alone in self-employed practice
* His biggest marketing mistake



4. Rank Higher in Google ebook
* google ranking secrets ebookThe difference between 1 or 20 clients a week
* Gets you off to a flying start
* Most of your rivals won’t know these secrets



5. Extra Video – Steve’s Practice Tips
* Preparing for your first client
* Handling Nervous clients
* Powerful Observations
* Building Rapport


Buy Today and Get this Bonus Video !




Total Value of Starter Kit is £197

however you can grab it now for just £57