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Vocalists Performance Anxiety Help

vocalists performance anxiety londonIt can happen to any of us at any time. Usually we give a good performance but for some reason, we develop doubts and nerves about performing at that special occasion, event or engagement.

You might be a competent and accomplished vocalist, speaker, announcer or are just starting out. Whether you make announcements on television, radio or other media, being nervous or anxious about your performance can detract from being at your best.

Sometimes an event or experience occurs which stay with us and plays on our mind. You might have been criticised in the past or for some reason have given a bad performance which has stuck in your mind. You may dread or fear giving another poor performance or worry about being harshly crticised again and because of this you feel nervous.

Whether your anxiety is a fear or phobia is irrelevant. In reality you have lost confidence and belief in your ability to speak and communicate clearly and to the best of your ability.

Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire is available to help you release those fears and anxieties and to regain you confidence. You can begin to be excited again by your speaking engagements, announcing, voice overs or broadcasting rather than fearful of them. Your vocal technique can improve with hypnosis and take your abilities to a new level.

Steven Harold, the Derbyshire hypnotherapist has helped many vocalists just like you to let go of their fears and regain their belief and strong self confidence. Being based in Derbyshire he has helped many speakers, announcers and broadcasters from the well-known Derbyshire based organisations, including television companies and radio stations.

You can take advantage of a free initial consultation, without obligation, and find out more about how hypnotherapy helps any kind of performance anxiety.