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Fear of Flying Phobia?

aviophobia A phobia of flying on airplanes is very common in London and other major cities and towns. No matter what phobia you have, they all lead to the same reaction. A sense of fear and anxiety followed by rapid heart beat and even sweating. You feel a sense of panic and the need to escape.

You may have tried facing up to your fear of flying or travelling by air in the past but somehow you haven’t quite resolved that phobia. It may well be that you have experienced a bad or turbulent flight in the past and this experience has stayed with you resulting in your flying fear.

Anxious Feeling When the Doors Close

Do you dread the time when the airplane doors close? Do you worry that you won’t be able to contain your anxiety? Do you worry about other people noticing that you are uncomfortable? Maybe it’s the airplane taking off and landing that scares you most or it could be the turbulance you experience at times during the flight. All of these thoughts and associated feelings are very common to anyone who has a phobia of flying.

Phobias, Panic and Derbyshire Hypnosis

You know logically that your fear is out of proportion, particularly as all the other passengers seem to be reasonably calm and relaxed about their travelling. You know intellectually that what you fear will probably never happen as treavelling by airplane is considered to be one of the safest forms of transport statistically. Yet it doesn’t stop the feeling of panic rising in you. The real problem is that this panic and fear is not driven by logic. It actually comes from your subconscious mind and that is where the change is needed to be made.

Aviophobia and Hypnotherapy in London

Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire helps to change that old way of thinking and in doing so, your reaction to flying can change too. Hypnotherapy helps you to behave differently in those same situations when you are going to the airport and getting ready to board your flight.

Hypnotherapy for Transport Phobias

Don’t let this phobia of flying limit your life or dominate your thoughts any more. Have you been delaying taking that holiday abroad because of this? Now is the time to take back control of your life just as others have done. I am Steven Harold , an experienced and professional hypnotherapist who has helped many people just like you to overcome this phobia of flying.

If you are ready to end this fear or phobia just click here to email me. If you are ready to enjoy some new found freedom then telephone me on 01773 436796 now !