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Are You Addicted to Sex?

pornography web addictionDo you find that you mind constantly thinking about sex? Do feel the need or urge to seek sex at every opportunity? Does it seem to consume your life and get in the way of a healthy lifestyle?

For whatever reason you have developed a sexual addiction, there is no doubt that the behaviour originally served a need. Often sexual addiction originates because of some emotions that have not been dealt with. The sex addiction acts as a distractor from those emotions and allows you to escape the reality of the world temporarily.

Sexual relationships are important for most people. However it is when you feel that your need to have sex is dominating your thoughts and actions more and more that you may have a problem. If this pattern repeats itself, and you feel you have no or little control it is referred to as a sexual addiction.

A sexual addiction is much more common today because of the ease of communication and access to like-minded individuals on the internet. It can affect all sexualities; heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals.

Left unchecked a sexual addiction often leads to:-

  • A breakdown in your current relationship
  • A feeling of low esteem and confidence
  • A feeling of helplessness
  • Procrastination and inability to tackle tasks
  • A constant need that you can’t control

A long-term sexual addiction may result in:-

  • A need to increase the intensity of the experience
  • Requirement for hard core experiences
  • A need to explore fetish or other extreme acts
  • Wasting of hours, days and weeks
  • A loss of interest in anything else

Sex Addiction Consquences

If a sexual addiction or compulsion, if left unresolved it may lead to depression, a lack of energy, and withdrawal from healthy interaction with others. You may begin to view others as sex objects rather than people.

Hypnosis and Sexual Addiction

Hypnosis is a wonderfully relaxing experience and helps to release the tensions, stress and anxiety that can often keep someone trapped in a cycle of escapism (multiple and often anonymous partners), feeling some release and then feeling guilty. Guilt leads to a lower sense of worth and value which in turn leads back to the need to escape by repeating the pattern.

Hypnosis may also be able to help you to feel more confident. This confidence can then help you to lead the life you want to and may lead to the search for healthier relationships.

Stopping Your Sexual Addiction can lead to:-

  • Stronger self confidence may help
  • A more restful night’s sleep
  • Extra energy and enthusiasm
  • An ability to relax at will
  • Better personal relationships
  • Rebuilding your lifeHypnotherapy in Derbyshire, along with your efforts may help with the anxiety of sexual addiction bringing you better confidence and self-esteem.If you want to know more about I how I can help you with hypnosis and the role you can play in your own success, click on email me or telephone me on 01773 436796 now !