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Phobia or Fear of Spiders?

arachnophobia london No matter what fear or phobia you have, they all lead to the same reaction. A sense of fear and anxiety followed by rapid heart beat and even sweating. You feel a sense of panic and the need to escape.

You may have tried facing up to your fear of spiders in the past but somehow you haven’t quite cracked that phobia. It may well be that your mother or some other relation has the same phobia. A fear of spiders is a learnt reaction.

Relief from Arachnophobia

You know logically that your fear is out of proportion, particularly living in the UK. You know intellectually that what you fear will propably never happen but it does not stop the feeling of panic coming about. The real problem is that this panic and fear is not driven by logic. It actually comes from your subconscious mind and that is where the change is needed to be made.

Arachnophobia and Derbyshire Hypnosis

London Hypnosis helps to stop that old way of thinking and in doing so that old way of reacting. Hypnosis and other brief therapy processes help you to behave differently in those same situations when you see a spider. In fact you can deal with any spider in a way that best suits you rather than needing to call for the help of someone else!

Hypnotherapy for Phobias

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