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Performance Anxiety Help

It can happen to any of us at any time. In fact it may be a long pattern that you have noticed going all the way back to childhood. Performance anxiety can bring heart palpitaions, nausea, trembling, sweating, shakey voice, loss of memory and a need to escape.

This is the fight or flight syndrome kicking in and it seems that no matter how hard you try to be calm, something else happens and you turn into this quivering wreck. Some people lose sleep over their worries about the task they have been asked to do.

History may play a major role in how you think and feel about giving some performance. You might recall getting a question wrong in class when you were a child and the whole class laughing at you. You might have been unfairly judged by a teacher who embarrassed you in front of your peers.

Maybe you just didn’t prepare well enough for a speech you knew you had to give and because of your lack of preparation your nerves got the better of you. Now you dread even being asked to perform in front of others.

Performance anxiety refers to talking to any size audience, teaching, training others, as well as the performances given by actors, muscians, singers and vocalists. Each and any one of us may have had some anxiety before taking the leading role in a workshop, play, musical, radio show, newspaper interview, wedding or funeral speech, to give a few examples.

In a way, whether your performance anxiety is classed as a fear or phobia is irrelevant to you. You know it is unpleasant and can ruin your world undermining your confidence and affecting your other tasks and even your relationships.

Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire runs a one-to-one programme to help you overcome any fears and anxieties and to feel calmer and in more control. You can begin to be excited again by your speaking engagements, announcing, voice overs, singing, acting or broadcasting rather than fearful of them. Your relaxed with self hypnsois demeanour can lead to improvements in your vocal technique and take your abilities to a different level.

Steven Harold, the Derbyshire hypnotherapist has helped many people just like you to release their anxieties and gain self-belief and healthy self confidence.

Now being based in Derbyshire he has helped many speakers, announcers, singers, trainers and broadcasters from the well-known UK based organisations, including television companies and radio stations. He also helps anyone who needs to attend and contribute to meetings at work or give presentations.

You can take advantage of a free initial consultation, without obligation, and find out more about how hypnotherapy helps any kind of performance anxiety.