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Hypnotherapy Derby is available now at the Heanor Hypnotherapy practice. Book your free consultation with the Derby Hypnotherapist


Congratulations on finding Hypnosis Derby. Steven Harold is a professional hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience. He has been serving London for many years and has helped people from all round the world to solve their particular issue. He has recently relocated hypnosis practice to Heanor, near Derby.

Whatever your life challenge may be, Steven will be happy to help you make a more informed decision about hypnotherapy or to discuss other options that may be better for you. Whether you are based in Alfreton, Derby, Chesterfield or other towns in Derbyshire, Steven’s new hypnosis practice in Heanor. Derbyshire is in easy reach of you.

Free Hypnotherapy Consultation for Derby

To help your decison, you can take advantage of a free, no-obligation, initial consultation. This usually lasts for 30 minutes and is an opportunity to find out more about hypnotherapy or any of the other brief therapues such as NLP, BWRT, EFT and EMSRP that Steven is skilled with..

Please be assured that your consultation is private and confidential. After the consultation. You will usually have the opportunity to start your first session straightaway or, if you like, you can take more time to consider what you want to do.

You Are Unique

We are all different. Your uniqueness is based on your inherited characteristics, your parental influences, experiences in life and also your perceptions. Your uniqueness is well worth being proud of. None of us are perfect and all of us have made mistakes and may have regrets. However this is what makes us human. You can learn from your past experiences, good or bad, and be freer to be your natural and authentic self. Most people have developed a mask they hide behind because they have experienced rejection in one form or another. Steven helps people feel more empowered to be themselves. True and lasting happiness and fulfillment in life can only come through you being able to be the unique amazing individual you were born to be.

Steven uses hypnotherapy and other therapies to help you grow and feel more empowered in your relationships, career and social experiences. Steven will help you stop being your own worst critic and become your own best friend.

Derby Hypnotherapist – Steven Harold

hypnotherapist derbyshire - Hypnosis Derby

Steven took his original training with the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis. He has since become a trainer himself and also supervises both new and experienced hypnotherapists. As an author he has had published many articles on hypnotherapy and specific ailments he has been effective with. Steven has a non-judgemental accepting approach to anyone. He realises we all have unique backgrounds, perceptions, culture, sexuality that has influenced our approaches to life.

His hypnosis Derby practice is based in Heanor (20 minutes by road) and provides a confidential and private place to discuss those matters that you not have told anyone else before. Steven helps with phobias, stop smoking, stress anxiety and particularly with rediscovering your true and authentic self to enable you to choose the relationships, career and life path that you deserve.

Steven is a long standing member of the APHP – Association of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, the NCH – the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the BBRS – British Brainworking Research Society.


National Council of Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis Derby

Association of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy - Hypnosis Derby

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Take Action Today – Book Hypnotherapy Session

Contact Steve Harold today to find out more about how Hypnosis Derby can help. You can telephone him on 01773 436796 (if you get the answer machine he will be discreet when he returns your call) or email him at [email protected]





Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis Derby
Steve Harold
Steven Harold,
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Free Hypnosis Consultation near Derby. Experienced Derbyshire Hypnotherapist Steven Harold. Learn self hypnosis to relax. Help with quit smoking, relationships, motivation, depression, stress, phobias, fears

Hypnosis Derby
Hypnosis Derby

Hypnosis Derby

Hypnosis Derby