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Help for Your Depression

Depression Help and therapy in Derby can help you recover your life and motivation again. I know if can be very difficult to reach out for help with depression. Feelings that undermine you can be guilt, shame, anxiety and worry. All of these associated depression emotions can make you want to hide away.

If you have been diagnosed with Clinical or Manic Depression, your doctor will provide you with options such as CBT, Counselling or Psychotherapy. It is important to seek the support of your doctor if you have these types of depression and if you have considered harming yourself.

stress management hypnosisHypnotherapy and the therapies I provide are aimed at depression that is considered mild depression. This can be when life seems to be stuck for you. When you have put a lot of effort into changing things for the better but you have got no where. Popular issues that can lead to a feeling of depression are :-

  • My relationship is bad or has ended
  • I hate my job
  • I can’t form relationships
  • I am being abused
  • I have been abused (emotionally, physically, sexually) in the past
  • I struggle with self acceptance
  • I carry a lot of shame, anger, guilt

Depression can arrive for many reasons and sometimes can be the accumulation of a number of events that have gone wrong.

Hypnosis in the Treatment of Depression

There are several compelling arguments for the use of hypnosis in the treatment of depression. For example, the editor of this special issue, Michael Yapko, has proposed that hypnosis has relevance to the treatment of depression because hypnosis can help build positive expectancy regarding treatment, address numerous depressive symptoms (including insomnia and rumination), and modify patterns of self-organization (such as cognitive, response, attentional, and perceptual styles) that contribute to depressed thinking and mood ()


Hypnosis is particularly effective in helping reduce anxiety (a major feature of depression) and bringing a state of calmness and relaxation. When we feel more relaxed when tend to be more motivated to do things. Insomnia can be a feature of depression and again hypnosis can help people through the use of self-hypnosis to drift into sleep more easily. A better night’s sleep leads to a better sense of well-being.


Free Depression Hypnosis Consultation

Steve Harold Hypnotherapy ScriptsI have been through depression myself and have come out the other side. I understand that your depression has been a weight that has stopped you doing what you want to do. I provide a free depression therapy consultation. It is without any commitment from your or me. It just gives us a chance to meet and chat about where you are right now and where you would like to be in your life.

If you would like to take advantage of this free consultation. just call me on 01773 436796 or email me at

Whatever you decide to do I hope you find the help you need.