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Buy Diazepam 2Mg Online Uk, Buy Zepose Valium

Hypnosis Scripts and Screeds

The resources on this page are useful for student, newly qualified and experienced hypnotherapists. There are free scripts which you are welcome to use in your practice and pass around to your friends and colleagues. The only condition is that you keep the copyright information and contact information intact.

There are other resources for therapists available too and more are being added. Do check back from time to time.

Some hypnosis scripts are available as ebooks whilst some specialised hypnosis scripts are “one off” scripts for specific issues.

Buy Diazepam 2Mg Online Uk, Buy Zepose Valium

Buy Diazepam 2Mg Online Uk, Buy Zepose Valium

Coronavirus Hypnosis Script – anxiety, worry stress

Coronavirus Hypnosis Script

This hypnosis script has been created to help clients who have been experiencing excessive stress, anxiety or worry caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It helps to ease these anxieties and encourages relaxation.

By Steven Harold



Gender and Sexuality Issues

  Self-Acceptance for Bisexuality

Self-Acceptance for Bisexuality – Hypnosis Script

This hypnosis script is aimed at anyone who knows they are bisexual but is having problems with acceptance and confidence about this. It is appropriate for both males and females.

Authored by Steven Harold



Non-binary Self Acceptance

Acceptance for Non-Binary Identity – Hypnosis Script

For anyone who is struggling with their gender identity of being Non-binary. This hypnosis script helps bring acceptance and confidence.

Authored by Steven Harold



Mothers Acceptance of Gay Son


Accepting Your Gay Son for Mothers – Hypnosis Script

A hypnosis script that uses the power of a mothers love from first giving birth to her son, to help her accept that her son is gay.

Authored by Gavin Bowtell



Gay Son Acceptance for Fathers


Accepting Your Gay Son for Fathers – Hypnosis Script

A hypnosis script that uses the power of a fathers love for his son from birth, to help him accept that his son is gay.

Authored by Gavin Bowtell




Psychological Physical Issues

Phantom Limb Syndrome

Phantom Limb Syndrome Hypnosis Script

A hypnosis screed aimed anyone who has lost a limb and suffers from Phantom Limb Pain Syndrome.

Authored by Gavin Bowtell





Trauma Issues

Depersonalisation hypnosis Script

Depersonalisation Hypnosis Script

A hypnosis script for helping anyone suffering from Depersonalisation that encourages re-association rather than the dissassociation they have been suffering with.

Authored by Steven Harold

About the Authors of the Hypnosis Scripts

Anne Thornton-Patterson

Anne runs a busy practice in Kensington and also in Staffordshire. She specialises in OCD and in particular Trichotillomania. She has brought to her hypnosis scripts both directness and subtleties that bring an all encompassing approach to her hypnosis scripts.


Steven Harold

Steven ran a successful practice in East London for 20 years and has since relocated to Derbyshire. Already an author of “Marketing for Complimentary Therapists – 101” he is also a supervisor and trainer. Steven has developed original ideas, phrases and suggestions from his many years in hypnotherapy practice.



Gavin Bowtell

Gavin brings to the world of hypnotherapy and to his hypnosis scripts understandings and insights that has been gleaned from many areas including eastern and western philosophies, religions, his own life experience and other enlightened sources. His scripts are already in demand from other hypnotherapists who appreciate his way with words either through metaphor or directly.



Free Hypnosis Scripts

Click Here – This an ego strengthening script called “My Photo Album” and can be easily modified to help analysis.

Click Here – This an induction or deepener called “Essence of You” that can easily be modified for great healing work.

Click Here – This script provides an interesting adventure for your clients. It gives them a chance to experience themselves without the expectations and limitations of names, labels and titles. Try it and see what you think. Based on an idea by inspirational hypnotherapist Carole Murray, it’s called “Dropping the Labels”.



Copyright © 2008 Steven A. Harold
All rights reserved

If you use any material either directly or downloaded from this site it is under the strict understanding that
you must be a trained hypnotherapist and are accepting responsibility for its use.

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