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Stressed About the Coronavirus?

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Are You Stressed By the Coronavirus?

Worried by COVID-19’s impact on your life?


stress coronavirus hypnotherapy online 01Has your stress levels increased since the Coronavirus reached the UK? Maybe the lifestyle restrictions because of the Coronavirus lockdown, have affected your sleep, your relationships and your dreams of the future.

No one is immune from the impact of the Coronavirus. Yet, inevitably people will cope with its impact in different ways. Some will find a way through whilst some people will struggle.

Want to Cope Better with the Coronavirus?

Of course you will want to manage as best you can with COVID-19’s influence. The good news is that it is possible to do this but it will take some mindful changes.

These changes need to be in these areas::-


1. Acceptance – you need to accept that the world has changed. No matter how much you want the world to be as it was prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, it will not. Accept that the world, that your world is changing and you start to release some of your stress.

Here is an example I use sometimes with my clients about the power of acceptance and also the choices around healthy acceptance. The example is a bit twee but I hope you will find it helpful.

covid-19 acceptance hypnosis onlineA woman is upset because she wants the day to be sunny. She swears and stresses and has a tantrum because she had planned so much for a sunny day. Unfortunately it keeps raining and not matter how much she shows her frustration and anger, the sun stays away and the rain continues to fall. As long as she continues to “not accept” that the weather is not what she wanted she will feel stress and anxiety. This may impact on her decisions for the day and she may take her anger out on her loved ones. She is having a bad day! She refuses to accept that she can’t change the weather no matter how much she stomps her feet and rages to others.

Yet, if she was to accept that it is raining and may continue to rain, she would start to move to a different feeling and way of being. Yes, she can feel disappointment naturally however if she accepts that it will be a wet day, she could then move on to make the most of the situation. She might make a few telephone calls to discover alternative ways of enjoying what she had planned. In doing so she has increased her chances of making the best of what has happened and having a better day.

Sometimes we just need to accept what has happened.


2. Perception – your perception can inhibit your happiness and motivation or it can lift it. Perceptions count for a lot.

Have you heard of the story of 2 men in a bar who both ordered a pint of lager? After a while both have drunk some lager and each has half a pint left. One man, let’s say the optimist, thinks “Great, I still have another half of my drink to enjoy”. The other man, let’s say the pessimist, thinks “Oh no, my glass is half empty”

online hypnosis sessionsIn this example it is easy to see that these two men are having difference perceptive experiences and yet their reality is identical. They both have half a pint left over but one feels good about it and the other feels low about it.

Coming back to your situation with the Coronavirus, where is your perception at the moment? You can feel sad for what has been lost or you can accept it and be mindful of what can be gained.

If you turn your mind to what can be gained or even, just sustained, you will change your perception of the situation.

With a better perception you are much more likely to feel motivated to take action. You are much more likely to think of what is possible within the current restrictions on your lifestyle. In doing so and in taking action where and when you can, it will feed back into your optimism. It will lift your mood. You will start to feel more empowered and less of a victim.

Your sleep, relaxation levels and relationships will improve. You may even find yourself inspiring others to move on and let go.


Steve Harold Hypnotherapy ScriptsNeed Help with Your Perceptions and Acceptance?

As a long-standing therapist I already have some appreciation that life never follows a plan forever. Life always comes up with surprises and yes, sometimes shocks. All of us can become complacent and expect things to be as they always have been. Unfortunately, the universe has a way of throwing a spanner in the works, so to speak. Just as you thought life was going in one direction, you find out that you need to make a detour.

If you need some help with the way the Coronavirus pandemic has affected you and your life, I would love to help. Together we can find a way to help you relax, feel more in control and make choices that propel you into a new furure.

I am Steven Harold an experienced therapist now entering my third decade of helping people. I use hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, coaching, EFT, EMSRP and NLP. Email me at

Importantly during this time I provide online therapy sessions