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Brain Working Recursive Therapy or BWRT, is a radically different approach to helping people change. BWRT was developed by Terence Watts Principle of the EICH and now therapist from all around the world are getting impressive results

Steven Harold is an experienced therapist and a certified BWRT practitioner and offers a free consultation for you to find out more how this amazing process can help you.

Free Initial Consultation

Brain Working Recursive Therapy

You would be welcome to take the opportunity for a free initial consultation. This usually lasts for 30 minutes and is an opportunity to find out more about Brain Working Recursive Therapy in Derbyshire and your BWRT practitioner.

It is a no-obligation meeting and chance to discuss the issue you have decided to seek BWRT to help with. The meeting and information is kept confidential. Afterwards, if appropriate, you will usually be offered the choice of making an immediate start or taking more time to consider your options.


Contact Us about us

Still got a question about Brain Working Recursive Therapy? Please feel free to use the contact form to ask your question.

I can usually respond within 24 hours.

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Thought for the day thought

How much longer to you need to put up with the issue that is bothering you.

The top pop stars, actors and sports men and women all have their own coaches and therapists to help them during difficult times. Do you deserve any less?

Steve Harold, BWRT in Derbyshire Practitioner

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