5 Path Hypnosis Training Courses

5 Path Training Courses

Most professional hypnotherapy schools courses teach similar curriculums to their budding hypnotist students. 5-Path hypnosis is really aimed at qualified hypnotherapists. Some schools may have a bias towards a particular approach such ericksonian, suggestion, analysis or regression. Others may encourage their students to master skills in all of these approaches.

Confident Hypnotherapists

As a newly qualified hypnotherapist you may lack confidence in your skills. This is only natural. However if you are an experienced hypnotherapist who still doubts their ability to help any client, you are not alone. Most therapists need to reflect and question their skills. What can really help you recover, or experience for the first time, confidence in your hypnotherapy delivery, is a structured approach to helping any issue or problem.

5 Path Hypnosis Training Course

5 path hypnosis certification & The 5 Path hypnosis training course, whether taken live in a classroom or via the DVD set can really help you to feel confident about your hypnotherapy abilities and client help options. In a clearly laid out route, the 5 path approach to client sessions provide a logical and effective structure.
Even the idiosyncrasies of possible client reactions are covered so that you have at your finger tips the resources to handle and utilise any client variations. The client's trust in you and your confident manner is refelcted in their client's ability to participate fully.

5 Path Support Network

All 5 path students and graduates can enjoy a support network that is second to now. This includes and active egroup and access to other hypnotists experience with 5th path hypnosis. Regular supervision sessions are available and past supervision sessions are available on cd. See below to secure your advanced training click below...

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Top Hypnosis Training

One of the best hypnosis trainings I have come across is provided by Cal Banyan and 5 Path and 7 Path hypnosis certification. You can find out more about this and other useful recources by clicking Banyan Advanced Hypnosis Training Feel free to ask me any questions about my experience as a hypnotherapist at [email protected] . I will try to respond within 24 hours.


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