Stop Smoking Tips

Some smokers succeed the very first time they decide to quit. Others take a number of attempts to succeed and become non-smokers. Here are 10 stop smoking tips which I hope will help you to finally quit smoking cigarettes, cigars, rollies or whatever method you have used to smoke tobacco.

Stop Smoking Tip No. 1 - Make Your Mind Up

It's important if you want to increase your chances of stopping smoking and staying a non-smoker that you make up your own mind when and how to do this. Don't quit because someone else is persuading you to quit unless they help you make up your own mind. Just do it for you.

Stop Smoking Tip No. 2 - Choose Your Date

Choose a time and date that suits your lifestyle. If you have some challenges coming up in your life, wait until they are over with and then quit smoking. For example, some people a challenging life event such as a looming divorce would inspire them to stop for others it would be better to wait until things have been resolved.

Stop Smoking Tip No. 3 - How to Stop Smoking

Decide how you will stop smoking. Typically the choices are: just doing it, patches, gum, electronic cigarette, medication, stop smoking hypnosis. We are alll different and can succeed in different ways.

Stop Smoking Tip No. 4 - Reasons to Stop Smoking

Write down your main reasons for wanting to stop smoking. Don't generalise with your reasons. Be specific and they will mean more to you. For example a generalised reason might be "better health" and a specific reason might be to be able to run/cycle/exercise for longer.

Stop Smoking Tip No. 5 - Learn from the Past

If you have attempted to stop smoking before what lessons did you learn from that attempt? There is always somethinhg useful for be gained from past attempts at smoking cessation. Repeat what helped you and drop what didn't.

Stop Smoking Tip No. 6 - Stay Clear of Temptation

For while, avoid places that might tempt you into smoking. This might be a bar, pub, club or other places. Make your home a non-smoking home to help cement your decision to quit.

Stop Smoking Tip No. 7 - Change Your Routine

Change your daily routines and habits if you can. This will really help you to change your patterns and develop a new sense of yourself without smoking being a part of it. Remember you were born a non-smoker and enjoyed many years as a non-smoker.

Stop Smoking Tip No. 8 - Get Support to Stop Smoking

It's important not to boast about what you are doing but it can be helpful to have the support of those around you. Ask those around you, who you trust, for their encouragement.

Stop Smoking Tip No. 9 - One Day at a Time

Don't think about next week or next month. Just think about getting through one day at a time and you can be a non-smoker. Soon the weeks will have flown past and you'll feel great about your decision.

Stop Smoking Tip No. 10 - Commit to Stop Smoking

Don't stop smoking half-heartedly. Don't "try" to give up smoking. Commit yourself to this and determine that this is the time you actually did it. You did stop smoking and feel proud of yourself.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Research

Study 1 - New Scientist Magazine analysed 600+ studies which showed that a single session of hypnosis increases the chances of success to 60%
Study 2 - Nicotine Replacement Therapy may be over-hyped according to a research conducted in Geneva and reported on the BBC website (
Study 3 - Dr. Hasan, Massachusetts General Hospital (2007) - patients more likely to quit smoking with hypnotherapy than other smoking cessation methods.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis London

One session is provided to help you stop smoking at the hypnosis practice. This is for 90 minutes and has two sections. The first half supports your motivation, belief and commitment to stop smoking. The second part uses the information I have collected about your smoking and is used in hypnosis for you.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

I am Steven Harold and have been practising hypnotherapy in London for over 15 years. I have helped people stop smoking from all walks of life. I have helped pipe smokers, occasional cigar smokers, rollie smokers, from 1 cigarette a day to 80 a day smokers ranging in age from 16 years to 85 years young.

Having been a smoker myself I have personal first-hand experience of the mind-set needed to quit smoking successfully and permanently. No matter what your circumstances are, if you really want to stop, you will and I would love to help you achieve it.

If you want to know more about I how I can help you quit smoking with hypnosis click on [email protected] to email me.

If you are ready to STOP SMOKING TODAY telephone Steven Harold on 01773 436796 now !


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