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Welcome to my Hypnotherapy website. I am Steven Harold, an experienced and recommended hypnotherapist. I have been providing hypnotherapy in London for over 18 years and have relocated to Derbyshire. I have helped many people from London and other countries to resolve their particular problems.

I appreciate having hypnotherapy is an important decision for anyone. It takes courage to ask for help. Whatever your issue, I will be happy to help you make a more informed choice about hypnosis in Derbyshire.

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Free Hypnotherapy Consultation

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A free hypnosis consultation is available to you. This is for 30 minutes and provides a time and space for you to discuss your issue in confidence. You can find out more about how hypnotherapy may help you.

The free hypnotherapy consultation is without any obligation to go any further. Most people like to start their first hypnotherapy session immediately and you can too if you want to.

Whatever your issue you will be treated with respect and acceptance. Steven Harold provides a non-judgemental approach and values the life experiences that you have had.

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Stop Smoking Hypnosis

quit smoking hypnosis

Many people want to stop up smoking. If you have tried to quit smoking and failed so far please take heart. If you want some extra help this time, a quit smoking hypnotherapy session could make the difference.

All it takes is one 90 minute quit smoking hypnosis session with hypnotist Steven Harold to help you stop smoking. This can also help you stop using e-cigarettes too.

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Public Speaking Anxiety?

public speaking phobia

All of us will have to speak in public at some time in our lives. It might be a best man's speech, funeral eulogy or work presentation.

If you panic at the thought of public speaking, I am sure you will want to know that you can become a more confident speaker.

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Stress Management Hypnosis

stress management

Stress management is considered important aspect of coping in this world. Busy people need to be able to relax and release stress. Stressful lives, working long hours, commuting or running a home can all take its toll. The dangers of prolonged stress from your job and personal responsibilities has recently been highlighted in a national newspaper.

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Social Anxiety or Low Self Esteem?

social anxiety

Do you suffer from low self-esteem or self confidence in groups of people? Social anxiety (social phobia) is extremely common. Those who suffer from it use various strategies to cope with it such as mainly having internet relationships. Social anxiety and low self-esteem often go together.

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Do you have any questions about hypnosis or hypnotherapy? Please feel free to use the contact form to get the answers you need.

I can usually respond within 24 hours.

All medical conditions must be discussed with your doctor first.

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You don't have suffer with the issue that is bothering you.

The best actors, pop stars, and sports men and women all have their own coaches and therapists to help them during difficult times. Do you deserve any less?

By Steven Harold, Hypnotherapist Derbyshire


Hypnotherapy Clinic Location: Heanor, Ilkeston, Near Derby, Derbyshire - Close to Nottinghamshire

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